NDP to Conservatives: take action now, adopt the New Democrat bill  

OTTAWA – The Conservatives’ plan for the use of French in Quebec for workplaces under federal jurisdiction is nothing more than a diversion, according to the NDP. If the Conservatives were serious, they would adopt the New Democrat bill C-315, to be debated today in the House of Commons, as quickly as possible.

“The Conservatives are developing another committee that they control and that is unlikely to show real results. Conservatives are out of touch. This is nothing more than a smokescreen,” said Robert Aubin, the MP for Trois-Rivières and sponsor of bill C-315. 

New Democrats were reacting to Minister Christian Paradis’ announcement yesterday about the establishment of an advisory committee to study the use of French in companies under federal jurisdiction. But instead of dithering away on this important issue, Conservatives should act now and adopt bill C-315, said Aubin.

“They’re trying to sidestep the issue, but Quebeckers are not going to stand for it,” he said. “The Conservative government must live up to their agreement to recognize the Quebec nation by protecting the French language and defending Quebec workers.”  

New Democrat MPs are reaching out to the other parties in order to adopt Bill C-315, which seeks to ensure equal protection to all Quebec workers, on language issues.


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