In Joliette, NDP Leader urges government to take action on job creation 

JOLIETTE — Appalled by the inhumane situation of many workers in these tough economic times, NDP Leader Nycole Turmel is urging the Conservative government to take action to create and maintain quality jobs across the country. 

Turmel and New Democrat MP for Joliette, Francine Raynault, met today with employees of Electrolux, whose closure will lead to the loss of 1,200 jobs. Jobs that will be transferred to the United States. 

She also spoke with workers from Kruger Products in Crabtree, who recently learned that their company wouldn’t be making a significant investment in the region.   

“It’s with growing bitterness that I note the serious repercussions the Conservatives’ inaction on the economy has on the daily lives of thousands of my constituents,” said Turmel. “The government must take its head out of the sand and act now to stimulate the economic activity of this country. This isn’t rocket science. We need an investment plan with concrete solutions now.”   

Well aware of the tragic consequences job loss can have on her constituents, Francine Raynault recalled that the House of Commons unanimously adopted an NDP motion demanding that the government present a clear plan to stimulate job creation. 

The Official Opposition presented concrete measures like introducing a hiring tax credit and reducing the paper burden for SME, she reminded. 

“Unlike the Conservatives, the NDP puts Canadian families before oil companies and CEOs of major corporations,” said the MP for Joliette.  

Quebecers have set the wheel of change in motion. They don’t want to go back to the old debates and scandals. By working together, we’ll replace the Conservatives in 2015 and build a better future for Quebec families. 



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