Prime Minister must stop his members from re-opening closed debate
OTTAWA – The NDP Women’s Caucus is condemning the underhanded way in which Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are trying to reopen the abortion debate.
A motion tabled by a Conservative backbencher on expanding the legal definition of human beings will be voted on today in Parliament.
“It’s the height of hypocrisy. Stephen Harper swears he doesn’t want to reopen the debate, but then he lets his members table motions like this one. No question: this motion seeks to reopen the abortion debate, and that’s completely unacceptable,” said Niki Ashton, NDP Status of Women Critic.
New Democrats have always fought for gender equality and defended women’s freedom of choice on abortion. Today, the NDP caucus underlined its commitment to protect women’s rights and stand up to the Conservatives’ hypocrisy.
“Women fought to secure their right to choose, and that right needs to be respected. Instead of hiding behind backbencher MPs to reopen a debate no one wants, the Prime Minister should say loud and clear that women have the right to choose,” said Women’s Caucus President Djaouida Sellah.
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