Statement on the renewal of the Homelessness Partnering Strategy (HPS)

Mr. Speaker, the federal HPS, in collaboration with Canada's various regions, helps prevent and fight homelessness.

A recent study showed that, in the province of Quebec alone, over 70,000 people have benefited recently from this financial support. In Quebec City, the three new stakeholders in the Café rencontre du centre-ville have fed, counselled and supported 3,000 people. In Montreal, the Anonyme mobile intervention unit has provided education and prevention services to 1,000 men and 500 women, including a number of youths.

In my own riding of Hochelaga, the CAP Saint-Barnabé alone has renovated a rooming house for women and welcomed, fed and supported 1,800 people, and it is about to open a respite centre for homeless men and prostitutes.

The HPS is the only program to fund facilities. Its survival and enhancement are essential. The government must commit to this in its next budget.