Window on the river

Ideas for the East of Montreal

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The Port of Montreal is central to the city’s history and the Canadian economy. It has always been part of the lives of Montreal’s shoreline communities, from Sainte-Marie to Hochelaga to Pointe-aux-Trembles.

While the port creates jobs and generates wealth, its presence and day-to-day operations nevertheless cause real inconveniences for its neighbours. Living side by side in parallel universes, the port and the city frequently have diverging interests, as is the case in many port cities.

Lastly, having digested all this food for thought, we make some concrete management and development proposals that we hope will improve the quality of life of the adjacent community and at the same time stimulate the development of the Port of Montreal.

We are acting as an intermediary between the port and the citizens we represent, with the aim of ensuring that both parties can move forward positively and that neighbourliness becomes the norm in the district.

Montreal has everything it needs to take its place as a port city worthy of the name, proud of its history and open to the river and the world.