Under her leadership, New Democrats achieved practical results and held Harper accountable
OTTAWA – It is with a bit of sadness — but great confidence in the future of her party — that New Democrat interim leader Nycole Turmel will return full-time to her work as the MP for Hull-Aylmer, after passing the torch to the new NDP leader on Saturday.
After eight months as leader, Turmel summarized her very busy mandate.
“During my term, we got results for Canadian families,” Turmel said. "We passed a  number of motions focused on helping families get ahead. I think back to our motions on drug shortages and electoral fraud; to Shannen’s Dream, and to protecting jobs.”
She also addressed a cause very close to her heart—the serious housing crisis in Attawapiskat, for which she has fought incessantly.
“The Conservatives ignored this community and waited too long to intervene. I am happy to have sounded the alarm and fought for action to help the people there—but the Conservatives still haven’t done enough,” Turmel said.
Turmel said she is convinced that the NDP is on the right track to win government in 2015, especially after Monday’s resounding victory by Craig Scott, who was elected in Jack Layton’s old riding.
“The next leader can count on a united team. Never before has an NDP leader been so well-positioned to form the first New Democratic government in Canadian history. I am proud to have contributed to that,” Turmel said.
Turmel said she is also proud to have held the Conservatives accountable on a daily basis on issues like fraudulent electoral calls, Old Age Security, and F-35s. “The NDP team, along with our new leader, will continue to fight the Conservatives’ out-of-touch policies each and every day,” she said.
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