Public transit, protection of agricultural land and economic development are top priorities


MONTREAL — As part of consultations on the Metropolitan Land Use and Development Plan (MLDP), 28 New Democrat MPs from the Montreal Metropolitan Community (MMC) worked together over several weeks to produce a position paper that represents the shared values of citizens of the greater Montreal area.

“We have confidence that the markets and infrastructures can flourish while sustainably accommodating their environment, water sources, neighborhoods and quality of life of citizens,” say the MPs. 

Entitled Une métropole à visage humain : pour une Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal verte, durable et prospère (A Metropolis with a Human Face: For a Green, Sustainable and Prosperous Montreal Metropolitan Community), the paper is the result of a collective effort to enrich and support the achievements of the MLDP. 

The New Democrat signatories identify three main priorities. Firstly, the MPs strongly support the development of public transit. According to them, we need an efficient public transit system and must invest now in order to stimulate the economy and make the greater Montreal area a better place to live. The New Democrats also support the use of new technologies, such as electric trains, to meet the challenges of improving the public transit system.

The NDP MPs also support the report released by the Commission on the Future of Agriculture and Agrifoods in Quebec which states that “agricultural land is public property and must be protected, in the interest of all Quebecers.”

Along with their municipal and provincial partners, they agree it’s important to protect agricultural land from dezoning and urban sprawl and to defend the food security of its residents.

The MPs say it’s important to further develop the greater Montreal area, but development must be 21st century worthy and correspond to the values of its residents.

"We must be on the lookout for philosophies of development that provide added value, such as a potential improvement to the common good or an optimal and integrated use of resources,” the 28 MPs say. “In addition, both in terms of reduced travel time as well as the rational use of infrastructure, we should consider greater intermodality of transport for resources and goods." 

The MLDP was adopted on April 28, 2011 by the Montreal Metropolitan Community Council and is open to public consultation. “As New Democrat MPs from the greater Montreal area, we received the confidence of Canadians last May 2 and consider it our duty to speak out on fundamental issues that will steer the growth of Montreal for years to come,” concluded MP Hélène LeBlanc (LaSalle—Émard). 



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