After announcing environmental assessment Conservatives put project on back burner


OTTAWA – New Democrat Leader Nycole Turmel blasted the Conservatives today for dragging their feet on the new Champlain Bridge while applauding fellow New Democrat MP Hoang Mai (Brossard – La Prairie) for holding public consultations on the project. 

“Unlike the Conservatives, New Democrats listen to the concerns of everyday people. We will continue to make sure that residents of the area have a chance to share their vision for the new bridge,” Turmel said. 

Turmel highlighted that since announcing the environmental impact assessment of the replacement bridge, Conservatives have failed to give local families any information.  

“Conservative silence shows once again the bad faith of this government," Turmel said. “We all remember the reports of the bridge’s poor condition that they kept hidden. Quebecers deserve transparency, not more Conservative secrecy.”    

The NDP also pointed out that many questions still remain unanswered, particularly with respect to public transit being included in the design of the new bridge. 

“Public transit must be part of the design for the new Champlain Bridge. It’s the best way to reduce traffic jams, move people efficiently and protect our environment. Families have long called for this but unfortunately, Conservatives have turned a deaf ear,” said Mai. 

“Every day of Conservative inaction means the bridge gets older. Montrealers deserve a government that makes replacing this bridge a priority. The NDP will make sure the Conservatives hear these concerns,” Turmel said. 

“Quebecers have set the wheel of change in motion. They don’t want to go back to the old debates and scandals. By working together, we’ll replace the Conservatives in 2015 and build a better future for Quebec families.”



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