Canada must become a leader in building the new energy economy: Liu 

OTTAWA – NDP Deputy Environment Critic and MP for Rivière-des-Mille-Îles, Laurin Liu, will travel to Durban next week. She’ll participate in discussions on climate change, doing the work that Canadians expect from their Environment Minister.   

“New Democrats want to see Canada become a leader in building a new energy economy. The Conservatives’ only plan is to go to the conference and sabotage important discussions,” said Liu. 

“Canadians want a sustainable economy.  They’ve had enough of Conservative environmental inaction.  It’s costing Canadian jobs. I’m going to Durban to make Canadians’ voices heard and do the work the Conservatives are refusing to do,” she added. 

The rest of the world is moving forward with a new energy economy but, under Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, Canada is being left behind. Important trading partners are closing their doors to Canadian energy because of the inaction of the Conservatives on climate change. 

“The Conservatives have no plan to fight climate change and no plan to create jobs in the new energy economy. While other countries are moving forward, Canada is falling behind,” said Liu. 

Liu will maintain a blog during her trip to Durban and will be active on social networks to inform Canadians of the details of discussions taking place at the Conference on climate change.  



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