Flawed report on the CEAA includes little evidence, fails to consult key stakeholders
OTTAWA – Today, New Democrats slammed the Standing Committee on the Environment and Sustainable Development’s report on the seven-year review of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA), tabled this morning in the House of Commons. The NDP has written a dissenting report, outlining their concerns.
NDP MPs pointed out that the recommendations are made in spite of sparse evidence and little witness testimony. The hearings spanned a mere nine meetings, and many important stakeholders, administrators and participants were not invited to testify.
“After years of inaction on the environment, the Conservatives are adding insult to injury with this superficial review of environmental assessment legislation,” said Megan Leslie (Halifax), New Democrat Environment Critic. “This legislation is one of the few safeguards Canadians have left for the protection of our environment. Yet it seems as though the whole process was just designed to validate what the government is planning to do anyway — gut environmental regulation in Canada."
New Democrats are calling on the federal government to delay any changes to the CEAA until it has conducted a proper Canada-wide consultation, which includes key stakeholders such as affected communities, First Nations, provincial and territorial governments, and the departments and agencies responsible for environmental assessments.
“Good environmental protection is needed to improve Canada’s international trade relationships, and help fix the damage to our international reputation,” added Laurin Liu (Rivières des Milles-Isles), NDP Deputy Environment Critic. “Policy makers must consult far and wide in order to get the fullest picture of what protections will best serve the interests of Canadians.”
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