According to Campaign 2000 report one in seven Canadian children still lives in poverty
OTTAWA — With zero progress on the government’s 23-year old pledge to eradicate child poverty the NDP is urging the Conservatives to put aside reckless ideology and adopt Campaign 2000’s recommendations.
“The government is touting an economic recovery yet one in seven children is still living in poverty,” said Chris Charlton, NDP critic for Human Resources and Skills Development (Hamilton Mountain). “Their action plan has no action for children. Poverty reduction should be at the centre of any economic recovery plan.”
“In 1989 MPs voted unanimously to eliminate child poverty by the year 2000.  It’s now 2012 and we’re still waiting for a comprehensive strategy to eradicate poverty.  Clearly, there’s been a lack of political will on the part of successive governments”, said Charlton.
According to Campaign 2000’s 2012 Report Card on Child and Family Poverty in Canada, without a national anti-poverty strategy, poverty levels in Canada will continue to increase, compromising future generations’ success and threatening our economic stability.
“The Conservatives pride themselves on good economic management but when you look at their inaction on eradicating poverty, which costs Canada over $72 billion every year, it’s obvious that this is not the case,” said Marjolaine Boutin-Sweet NDP deputy critic for Human Resources and Skills Development (Hochelaga). 
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