OTTAWA – The cancellation of subsidies and abandoning of the federal financial commitment to social housing have prompted New Democrats to launch a campaign and table a motion in Parliament aimed at ensuring adequate funding.

“Losing these subsidies will lead to a drastic spike in rental prices —anywhere from $200 to even $500 in some cases. This means low-income households could lose their homes”, said Official Opposition Housing critic Marjolaine Boutin-Sweet (Hochelaga). “It seems highly irresponsible to completely abandon our important federal investment in social housing.”

Like the NDP, several organizations are concerned that the Conservatives have abandoned their commitment to social housing and have asked for funding to be restored. Across Canada, more than 620,000 housing units, and the families inside them, will be affected by these cuts.

“We need the resources to support social housing development, so we should be growing federal investment in this area, not cutting programs,” added Boutin-Sweet. “I hope the Conservatives will support my M-450 motion, and recognize housing as a fundamental right, by renewing financing for social housing”, added the MP.

Online petition: http://petition.ndp.ca/support-social-housing-for-Canadians