MONTREAL — Marjolaine Boutin-Sweet, the New Democrat MP for Hochelaga, has taken on a new role in the NDP Shadow Cabinet. Not only has she kept the Housing portfolio, but she has now been named by New Democrat leader Tom Mulcair as the Official Opposition Infrastructure Critic.

"I am honoured by the trust my leader has placed in me. I'm really eager to face these new challenges," said Boutin-Sweet. "For a long time now, New Democrats have called for a long-term federal infrastructure plan in order to help our urban and rural communities face their most urgent challenges, like updating outdated infrastructures. Developing a green and sustainable economy, which is at the heart of my political activities, will also be a concern."

In collaboration with her Official Opposition colleagues, Boutin-Sweet will also be keeping tabs on the federal government in order to ensure that it collaborates with municipalities, provinces and territories, and increases its transparency. 

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