Environment Minister proposes new climate deal while obstructing climate change talks 

DURBAN – Speaking from the Durban climate change talks, New Democrat Deputy Environment Critic Laurin Liu today blasted Environment Minister Peter Kent for proposing a new, binding climate change deal by 2015 — while obstructing the very talks trying to reach a deal. 

“This is ludicrous on many levels,” Liu said. “We’re here in Durban discussing the second phase of an existing treaty that took two decades to negotiate — which the Minister has said he will turn his back on. How on earth could he expect the world to negotiate a new treaty with a country that has no respect for existing ones?” 

Liu explained that trying to add a new round of negotiations, with an extremely short timeline, would be a waste of time and money and would distract from important initiatives like the Green Climate Fund. 

She also pointed out that Canada has already weakened its domestic targets for greenhouse gas reductions, but is failing to meet even those. 

“The Minister clearly isn’t satisfied with destroying his credibility on climate change at home,” Liu said. “Now he’s come to Durban to savage Canada’s reputation internationally by obstructing progress and making hypocritical proposals that just waste more time.” 



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