Inadequate tweaks to foreign worker program fail to save Canadian jobs

Ottawa – Conservative tweaks to Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) Program are inadequate and fail to protect Canadian jobs.

“Conservatives created this mess, they can’t be trusted to fix it,” said New Democrat HRSDC critic Chris Charlton. “The bulk of these changes are just reversing problems that the Conservatives created themselves.”

“The changes announced today are a band-aide solution instead of a much-needed overhaul,” said New Democrat Citizenship and Immigration Critic Jinny Sims. “These changes are more about responding to PR embarrassment than saving Canadian jobs.”

Twice the Conservatives have said they were fixing this program - but then made things even worse. Yesterday’s changes still fail to address the need for enforcing the rules against abuses of the program, conduct an investigation of program misuses, better labour market information, and working with provinces to deal with rights abuses and unfair treatment of TFWs. Furthermore, the Conservatives did not address the inappropriate use of intra-company transfers to evade TFW program rules.

“This is just the latest example of Conservatives acting only after they get caught in the media,” said NDP Deputy Critic for Human Resources and Skills Development Marjolaine Boutin-Sweet. “Canadians deserve better and New Democrats will continue to fight for the measures that will save Canadian jobs.”