NDP Leader backs London workers in battle against foreign giant 

LONDON – While Stephen Harper continues to turn his back on London workers locked out by Caterpillar Inc., NDP Leader Nycole Turmel promised workers the Official Opposition will stand up for Canadian jobs – and fight foreign takeovers that don’t put Canadians first. 

“Stephen Harper found the time to come here when he needed an election photo op. But now that workers are being threatened by the very foreign takeover he rubber-stamped, where is the Prime Minister?” asked Turmel. “While the Conservatives refuse to act, New Democrats are fighting for your jobs every day.” 

During the last election campaign, Stephen Harper staged a press event to announce his corporate tax giveaway plan, which included $5 million in tax breaks for Electro-Motive Diesel/Caterpillar. Nine months later, the US company gave London workers an ultimatum: accept a 50 per cent pay cut and slashed benefits or risk losing your jobs. 

“This isn’t about one town, or one plant, or one union. This is about the kind of Canada we want to live in. It’s about the world’s wealthiest foreign corporations rewriting the rules for all working Canadians, and pulling us back by decades,” said Turmel. 

“From U.S. Steel in Hamilton, to Vale Inco in Sudbury, to Rio Tinto in Quebec, Stephen Harper has rubber-stamped too many foreign takeovers gone wrong. And as a result, Canadians lose jobs.” 

“Stephen Harper can’t hide from Canadians forever,” added Turmel. “New Democrats are ready to take on this out-of-touch government until we elect a new one in 2015. We’ll hold their feet to the fire every day until we win this fight and start moving Canada forward.” 

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