Demand a Canadian housing strategy today

Despite Liberal promises, Canada still has no solution to its housing crisis.

Not only is housing becoming increasingly unaffordable, but homelessness is also a worsening problem. In recent years, 1.3 million Canadians have experienced homelessness or extremely precarious housing situations at some point, while one in five Canadians spends half of their income on housing costs.

Given these figures, the NDP is disappointed that Canada is the only G8 country without a long-term government strategy to coordinate action on housing.

Marjolaine Boutin-Sweet, MP for Hochelaga, has introduced Bill C-265 to  establish such a strategy and to ensure that everyone has secure, adequate, accessible and affordable housing.

Add your name and tell Justin Trudeau that the eradication of poverty starts by ensuring that everyone has a roof over their head.

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