HALIFAX — The Conservative government has the moral duty to massively invest in affordable social housing in its next budget, said New Democrat Housing critic, Marjolaine Boutin-Sweet, at the Annual Housing and Homelessness Conference in Halifax.
Boutin-Sweet attended this important event as part of her Canada-wide tour on access to housing. “With a growing number of homeless people and long delays in obtaining access to safe, adequate and affordable housing, the government’s only option is to invest massively,” she said. “It’s the best way to help the most disadvantaged to improve their condition.”
The New Democrat MP also invited the Conservative government to support the National Housing Strategy proposed by her colleague Marie-Claude Morin (Saint-Hyacinthe-Bagot). “A strategy would serve to coordinate efforts of all concerned groups in this area,” she explained. “It’s an effective approach that would help solve many problems.”
As well as attending the Conference, Boutin-Sweet took advantage of her time in Nova Scotia to organize a public assembly on housing at the North Dartmouth Community Centre with colleague Robert Chisholm on Friday afternoon.
“The citizen-centered and collaborative approach is at the heart of my initiative,” she said. “I look forward to discussing this issue with Canadians from all across the country. By working together, we will succeed in building a fairer society.”