New Democrats call on Conservatives to take French seriously and support NDP bill

OTTAWA – New Democrat Robert Aubin (Trois-Rivières) is urging the Conservatives to take concrete action to protect the French language by supporting his bill on the language of work in Quebec companies under federal jurisdiction, which will be voted on tonight.

“Three months after announcing they would establish a committee to study the issue, the government still hasn’t budged,” Aubin said. “Whereas we have a balanced bill that proposes a concrete solution to protect the French language in Quebec, while at the same time encouraging cooperation rather than confrontation,” he added.

“The government must give meaning to the recognition of the Quebec nation,” Aubin said. “Now is the time for action, not words. The Conservatives have a golden opportunity to promote the use of French in federally regulated workplaces in Quebec. If they don’t take it, they’ll prove the French language doesn’t matter to them,” he concluded.

The New Democrat Bill C-315, sponsored by Aubin, seeks to ensure employees at federally regulated companies (banks, air transport companies, etc.) can perform their duties and receive internal communications in French.


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