MONTREAL — New Democrat MP Marjolaine Boutin-Sweet (Hochelaga) is satisfied that the deportation of two gay Mexican men was narrowly avoided today, following a Federal Court decision. The MP raised the case during question period in the House of Commons earlier on Wednesday.

David Perez and Pablo Gonzalez’s story is troubling and deserves attention. After publicly disclosing their sexual orientation, the two Mexicans were targeted by their ex-in-laws for physical and verbal attacks. Upon arrival in Canada in the summer of 2008, they requested refugee status, arguing that their integrity would be threatened if they returned to their home country.

Their application was refused and deportation orders were issued. The two men then applied to remain on humanitarian grounds. But the Canada Border Services Agency initially turned down their request to delay deportation, which was scheduled for Thursday, October 20.

Without the Court’s intervention, the two men would have been deported while they were still awaiting a decision. “Since when does Canada deport individuals awaiting decisions on applications for asylum based on humanitarian grounds?” demanded Boutin-Sweet.

The MP says she is happy for the couple and intends to monitor the situation very closely so that the outcome will be positive and without delay.


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