Craig Scott victory strengthens NDP opposition: Turmel

Scott joins a New Democrat team fighting for families and holding Stephen Harper accountable
OTTAWA — New Democrat Leader Nycole Turmel today congratulated Craig Scott for his resounding by-election victory in Toronto-Danforth, saying he will be a strong voice for his community and will strengthen the New Democrat opposition to Stephen Harper.
“For seven years, Jack Layton stood up for Toronto-Danforth families,” Turmel said. “Starting tonight, Craig will pick up where Jack left off. Craig has spent his life fighting for people and will serve Toronto-Danforth with passion and dedication.”
Turmel said that families were looking for someone who understood their community, and who had the experience needed to get results. Scott joins an impressive team of Toronto New Democrat MPs who are already holding Stephen Harper’s Conservatives accountable.
“Families I spoke to understood that this by-election was about protecting the things that mattered to them,” Turmel said. “The Conservative budget next week will slash jobs, retirement savings and vital services. It’s more important than ever to have a strong opposition.”
“In Parliament and in communities like Toronto-Danforth, New Democrats are holding the Conservatives accountable and proposing practical solutions to help families get ahead,” Turmel said. “Craig will strengthen our team and we look forward to seeing him in Ottawa.”