Misinformation letter on EI reform sent to Quebec, Ontario and Maritimes

OTTAWA — The Conservatives are trying to justify the gutting of employment insurance by using public funds for partisan purposes. Many Canadians recently received a letter from the government describing the changes to EI. However, by disguising the origin of the letter, Canadians instead received a partisan document from the Conservatives, said New Democrats.

“The Conservatives are using public funds to promote their EI reform,” said Opposition Whip Nycole Turmel (Hull--Aylmer). “It’s obvious propaganda from the Conservative Party, because it contains the same half-truths they’ve been repeating for months. That’s unacceptable.”

The Conservatives clearly didn’t do their homework before launching their full scale attack against workers. The gutting of EI isn’t based on impact studies as confirmed by the MP for Lévis-Bellechasse, but on partisan rhetoric.

“The Conservatives are more concerned with their image than the implementation of public policies and quality services for Canadians,” said Paul Dewar (Ottawa Centre). “That’s why they’re spending millions of dollars on advertising, so they can spoon-feed us their inaction on issues affecting all citizens. If they think these letters will convince Canadians of their effectiveness, it proves that they take them for granted.”

*See attached document showing the Conservatives’ half-truths.