This wrong-headed government must take into account the opinions of provinces, police chiefs and experts on Bill C-10: Turmel  

OTTAWA – After refusing to listen to reason for months, the Conservative government finally admitted yesterday in the House of Commons that Bill C-10 is seriously flawed. The Public Safety Minister even tried to amend it at the last minute, without success. 

“Now that the government has acknowledged the obvious, is it going to react before it’s too late or is it going to persist in its error, as usual?” demanded Official Opposition Leader, Nycole Turmel.  

Turmel recalled that provinces, police chiefs and many experts were unanimous in saying the Conservatives went too far. 

“Police chiefs have stated that the Conservative prisons agenda is unbalanced. Communities want more funding to hire more front-line police officers. Even the minister responsible for the file admits it’s flawed,” said Turmel. “Canadians don’t want this extreme agenda; they want an effective strategy for crime prevention.” 

The NDP put forward practical solutions to improve the Conservatives’ wrong-headed bill and ensure the safety of communities. 

The NDP is willing to work with the Conservative government to modify the bill. This is why New Democrat MPs proposed an amendment that would send Bill C-10 back to committee for more careful examination. 

“It would be unreasonable for this government to push through this bill that goes too far and which, even according to them, is flawed,” said Turmel.  


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