Economists and PBO say OAS is sustainable, Finley’s scaremongering is irresponsible: NDP

OTTAWA – The Old Age Security program is viable in the long term and Conservatives must stop fear mongering and making wild claims about higher taxes as an excuse to cut benefits to seniors, according to leader of the Official Opposition Nycole Turmel.

Turmel was reacting to a speech today by the Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development, Diane Finley.

“Stephen Harper wants to make seniors pay for his misguided priorities. Conservatives have billions for the purchase of F-35s, his costly prisons agenda and corporate tax giveaways, but the cupboard is bare when it comes to benefits for vulnerable seniors,” said Turmel. “Conservatives are playing with numbers to scare Canadians, but experts have flatly rejected the claim this program is at risk of collapse.”

With this move against OAS, Stephen Harper is turning his back on progress made towards eliminating poverty among seniors.

“If he raises the retirement age from 65 to 67, Stephen Harper will make poverty worse among seniors. He’s forgetting that, for some seniors, Old Age Security and the Guaranteed Income Supplement are their only source of revenue,” reminded Turmel. “New Democrats believe all seniors deserve to retire with security and dignity.”


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