Get serious and start collecting the money owed to Canadians, says Boulerice


OTTAWA –New Democrat Treasury Board Critic Alexandre Boulerice (Rosemont--La Petite-Patrie) is demanding the Conservative government immediately start collecting the penalties Sikorsky has racked up for failing to meet delivery deadlines for the Cyclone helicopter.

The US aerospace company was supposed to deliver the Cyclone by November 2004. Sikorsky has since missed multiple delivery deadlines and now owes $8 million in penalties – something the Conservative government has failed to enforce.

 “Sikorsky has been in contravention of the procurement contract for some time and owes Canadian taxpayers a lot of money. What is the government waiting for?” said Boulerice.

Sikorsky has faced late fines from the Canadian government before, but Conservative Defence Minister Peter MacKay waived the fines – only to let new fines rack up as the aerospace giant continued to miss its deadline.

 “This kind of Conservative mismanagement is costing Canadian taxpayers millions,” said Boulerice. “While Canadian families remain out of work, this government keeps giving a free pass to a global aerospace company that regularly wins multi-billion dollar contracts,” said Boulerice.

“Sikorsky doesn’t need handouts from Canadian taxpayers. This government needs to get serious and start collecting the money owed to Canadians.”




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