The Conservative approach has failed – now it’s time for real action on jobs: NDP


OTTAWA – Pointing to six months of dismal job numbers and a rising national unemployment rate, New Democrat Employment Insurance Critic, Claude Patry, says the Conservatives need to stop ignoring the country’s jobs crisis and put a plan in place to get Canadian families back to work.

“Three months ago, Parliament passed the New Democrat motion to act on jobs because families are tired of the inaction. Three months later, the jobless numbers continue to rise and this government is still sitting on its hands. Canadian families deserve better,” said Patry.

“Just like in 2008, the Conservatives are refusing to act on jobs – even in the face of overwhelming evidence. This government keeps moving in circles when it should be moving forward.”

Today’s labour force numbers show a national unemployment rate that has inched up to 7.5 per cent, with a youth unemployment rate that now sits at double the national average. This follows a two month period where Canada lost close to 72,000 jobs.

“Just last fall, Canada’s Parliamentary Budget Officer predicted 100,000 more Canadians could find themselves out of work by the end of 2012. At the same time, the Auditor General reported that it was impossible to determine whether the Economic Action Plan was even successful,” added Chief Opposition Whip Chris Charlton.

“Meanwhile, Stephen Harper’s only plan is more corporate tax giveaways for already profitable corporations – with no guarantee a single job will be created.”

“The verdict is in here – and the Conservatives’ approach has failed,” added Patry.

“New Democrats are listening to Canadian families, and we know they want results. That’s why we’ll keep pushing every day until we see real action to boost small businesses and kick start job creation in Canada.”




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