Canada’s major trading partners moving ahead while, under the Conservatives, Canada gets left behind 

TORONTO – The Conservatives’ stale announcement on air quality won’t help Canadian families whose jobs and health are threatened by this government’s inaction on climate change,” said Official Opposition Leader, Nycole Turmel. 

“Stephen Harper’s Conservatives can’t distract from 6 years of total inaction on climate change,” said Turmel. “They are trying to hide the fact that Canada is falling behind while the rest of the world is moving forward on a cleaner energy economy,” she said. 

Turmel slammed the government’s lack of clarity on Canada’s participation on the Kyoto Protocol, the future of which will be discussed over the next few days at the Durban Conference in South Africa.  

New Democrat MP Megan Leslie pointed out that the Conservative government’s lack of vision with respect to the environment has already cost Canada too much. Important trading partners like Europe and the US are turning their backs on Canada because of its inaction. 

“The truth is that the Conservatives’ inaction is killing Canadian jobs. The United States and Europe are closing their doors to us because of this government’s does not have a plan,” said Megan Leslie (Halifax). “Canadians want us to move forward with green energy. They don’t want us to simply abandon the Kyoto Protocol.” 



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