OTTAWA — The NDP has obtained previously unreleased documents from the Town of Muskoka Lakes that directly contradicts testimony Conservative minister Tony Clement gave at Public Accounts Committee.

Despite the fact his constituency office received funding applications on homemade forms, Clement claimed these applications were simply submitted without review to Infrastructure Canada.

Clement also claimed that he and the Local Area Leadership Group had no decision-making authority and that the 33rd Legacy project was removed at the municipality’s request.

Documents contradict each of these claims, including showing Clement personally directed one town to take their name off the Legacy Fund list and apply instead to the Building Canada Fund.

“Where is the accountability?” asked Charlie Angus (Timmins—James Bay), the New Democrat Ethics critic. “Canadians deserve the truth. Parliament must heed the advice of the Auditor General and launch a proper investigation into the Conservatives' G8 slush fund.” 

During his appearance at the Public Accounts committee, Clement also promised to table the 242 "Community Project Summary forms" -- the homemade applications for federal funding that were channeled into Clement’s Huntsville constituency office.

In the official Hansard, however, Clement's answer confirming he would produce these documents has been altered.

“The President of the Treasury Board said he would produce these documents, but has failed to do so. And now it seems the Committee's Hansard was changed," said Alexandre Boulerice, the New Democrat Treasury Board critic. "How can Canadians trust Tony Clement to oversee the $280 billion he’s in charge of as Treasury Board President when we can’t even trust him to tell the truth at committee?”


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