TFWP changes put Canadian jobs at risk, drive down wages
OTTAWA – Conservative changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) could allow employers to hire TFWs without properly ensuring that Canadian workers aren’t available while over one million Canadians are out of work, according to the NDP. These changes jeopardize worker’s rights in Canada and have serious repercussions on the Canadian economy.
The dangerous changes to the TFWP have a direct impact on the Canadian economy, according to NDP Human Resources and Skills Development critic, Chris Charlton (Hamilton Mountain). “Service Canada’s overworked staff will have to rubberstamp applications in 10 days, instead of being given adequate resources to do due diligence. We won’t know if employers have made the effort to hire Canadian workers.”
“These changes exploit foreign workers, simple as that. By allowing employers to pay them 15% lower than fair market wage, the Conservatives are accepting the exploitation and devaluation of work,” said Jinny Sims (Newton—North Delta), NDP critic for Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism. “These changes ultimately mean that wages will go down across the board for everyone.”
The new rules dictate that TFWP applications must be sped through within 10 business days by Service Canada. These changes fail to provide adequate oversight for non-Canadian workers and do nothing to address the inadequacy of training programs for Canadians to be able to take highly-skilled jobs.
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