This inadequate reform penalizes the majority of Canadians and must be reviewed
OTTAWA – As changes to the EI program are penalizing too many Canadians, New Democrats are calling on the Conservatives to review this inadequate and unfair reform. Employment Insurance critic Anne-Marie Day, seconded by Human Resources and Skills Development Critic Chris Charlton, tabled a motion to this affect, today in the House of Commons.
“Low income Canadians will once again be the greatest victims of this reform,” said Day. “The minister keeps saying that people won’t be penalized, but the new Working While on Claim project doesn’t benefit the majority of Canadians, including part-time and seasonal workers.”
The Conservatives initially announced $130 million per year for the project and then cut that amount by nearly half and spread it over two years. At the same time, they continue handing out tax cuts to oil companies.  
“The Conservatives are attacking the unemployed even though we know it’s their own economic mismanagement that’s leaving Canadians jobless. When will they show leadership and introduce a real job creation program?” added Charlton.
Here is the complete wording of the motion tabled by Anne-Marie Day in the House of Commons today:
“That, in the opinion of this House, the new Working While on Claim pilot project is not benefiting the vast majority of EI recipients who are able to find employment; is creating a disincentive to take part-time work; and is leaving low income Canadians worse off than before; and that this House calls on the government to take steps to fix Working While on Claim immediately.”
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