Cancer patient ordered to leave Canada by Tuesday

CTV Montreal

MONTREAL - Several local notables are pleading with Ottawa to rescind the  deportation order of a woman being sent back to Mexico midway through her cancer  treatment.

Evelia Castrejon Santoyo fled her native Mexico out of fear of drug-related  violence. She left her adult children behind when she came to Montreal five  years ago where she found work until she was sidelined by a car accident.

She battled poverty as well as an abusive relationship and was then being  diagnosed with ovarian cancer, for which she is currently being treated with  chemotherapy.

“I’m suffering a lot, with anemia, I sleep a lot and can’t walk much,” she  told CTV Montreal.

In spite of her delicate condition, the federal government has denied her  refugee request and ordered her to leave the country by next Tuesday.

Hochelaga federal MP Marjolaine Boutin-Sweet is amongst those trying to  persuade the feds to allow the woman to stay.

“I'm hoping Monday they're going to get somewhere because I don't know how  much power the minister actually has. They have this discretionary power on  paper. Do they really have it?” she asked.