Canadians will pay the price for reckless Conservative Border Services cuts
OTTAWA – NDP International Trade Critic Brian Masse (Windsor West) slammed the Conservatives for slashing services at the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) and putting Canadian business and public safety at risk.
As tens of thousands of federal employees brace for layoffs today, the CBSA faces a $143.4-million cut to its current $3-billion budget.
“By recklessly slashing jobs and cutting the CBSA’s budget, the Conservatives are guaranteeing lost business and weakening public safety for Canadians,” said Masse. “Fewer border services officers mean longer wait times for Canadian travelers and lost revenue for businesses stuck clearing customs instead of moving goods. For every extra minute trucks are stuck idling at border plazas, thousands of dollars are lost.”
Masse also points out that Conservative mishandling of the border will compromise public safety while diminishing government tariff revenues.
“First and foremost, fewer border officers mean a greater likelihood for guns and drugs to sneak over the border. But in their reckless attempt to save money, Conservatives will also miss out on valuable revenue that comes from tariffs,” said Masse.
“When you think about how much these cuts will cost Canadians in efficiency, public safety and jobs, it just doesn’t make sense. The government is not only making it harder for Canadian travelers and businesses, in the end their measures could end up costing more than it saves.”
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