New Democrats slam Conservative failure to keep quality jobs in Canada.
OTTAWA – New Democrats today urged the Harper government to take action to protect 2400 workers at Aveos as the company filed for bankruptcy protection.
The aviation maintenance company announced without warning yesterday that it will close its three factories in Montreal, Winnipeg and Vancouver. The plants performed aircraft maintenance for Air Canada and other companies.
“It’s unacceptable that good jobs are being outsourced to the U.S. or anywhere else, when we have the expertise to do the work right here. These Conservatives need to starting protecting and creating jobs in Canada”, said NDP Industry Critic Guy Caron.
Most of Aveos’ maintenance work is done for the Air Canada fleet. Its employees are members of the union that represents Air Canada mechanics, baggage handlers, and line maintenance personnel.
“These Conservatives don’t hesitate to step in and interfere with workers’ collective bargaining rights, but when it comes to keeping good Canadian jobs, this government buries its head in the sand and does nothing,” said Caron.
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