NDP concerned over social and economic consequences, as well as safety concerns related to ending home delivery

MONTREAL – NDP Canada Post critic Alexandre Boulerice is strongly opposed to ending home mail delivery and will be presenting a memorandum drafted by the Official Opposition of Canada at Montreal City Hall tonight at 7pm, before Montreal’s social development and diversity Commission.

“Canada Post has failed to fulfill several of its guiding principles from the Canadian Postal Service Charter. The decision to end home delivery of mail was made without any prior consultation and in total secrecy,” Boulerice (Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie) writes in the memorandum.

The MP congratulated the City of Montreal for launching consultations on this unilateral Conservative decision.

“For their part, Canada Post and the Conservative government have refused to address the issue. Of course, it carries serious economic and social consequences for the City of Montreal, along with safety risks for residents. The first victims will be elderly and mobility-impaired individuals, who represent a significant portion of the city’s population,” said Boulerice.

Especially since the reform is not justified –– the financial results of Canada Post the first three quarters of 2014 are exceptionally good. The NDP continues to advocate collaboration between to keep the pressure on Canada Post and the government. “We need to use all the tools and stakeholders at our disposal to reverse this policy and get at least a spec of transparency and dialogue to get us back on track,” he added.

MP Marjolaine Boutin-Sweet (Hochelaga) is proud to support the NDP’s memorandum. She will also accompany his colleague from Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie in Montreal City Hall this evening to attend the presentation of the memory. “In Hochelaga, thousands of citizens opposed to ending home mail delivery. The Conservatives have decided whose side they are on and so has the NDP. We have chosen the side of seniors, of people with reduced mobility, and of all the citizens who will see their postal services cut drastically.”

The NDP memorandum is available at